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At Natural Therapeutics Inc. we believe that every person possesses the potential for natural, true health. Our goal is to help our patients/clients achieve that potential through bodywork modalities that are based on the principles of Natural Therapeutics, and Myopractics Therapy. We have been serving the valley since 1988.

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Natural Therapeutics Inc. Welcomes You.

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We were founded on the belief that knowledge and awareness is power! That many of our health issues can be treated thru natural methods to keep us healthy and well by using the tools given to us through natural health care.

Natural health is a way to restores health and wellness by working with the natural recuperative powers of the human body. We do this with Myopractics and Massage Therapy at Natural Therapeutics Inc. by professionals in the natural healing arts.

Enjoy life with natural heath and let us help you get there. We invite you to let yourself come and experience the joy of rediscovering what feeling good is really like.

Your body deserves more.

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