Services: Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage [$70]
This is an integration of different massage techniques promoting relaxation, improving circulation, enhancing overall skin tone and soothing muscle tension. Techniques are intuitively geared toward your needs and may include: Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure, integrative craniosacral Therapy, reflexology and gentle stretching. Therapeutic massage helps to restore balance and ensure a sense of well being throughout your body.
Lymphatic Drainage [$70]
Technique used to drain waste fluid and strengthen the immune system.  Gentle but effective manual drainage to benefit well being.

Pregnancy Massage [$70]
Leave your troubles behind with this therapeutic, mind-easing massage designed especially for pampering at any stage of pregnancy. Increase circulation, reduce edema, and relieve neck and back pain. Treat yourself or honor your favorite expectant mother, by relieving the unwanted discomfort that accompanies the joyous anticipation of pregnancy.