Services: Myopractic Therapy

Myopractic Therapy is a profession in the natural healing arts. It uses a non-traumatic form of manipulation that enables the body to restore and maintain a state of well-being. The goal of Myopractic Therapy is:
  • Allow the body to function freely without tension, pain or stress.
  • Elevate the body’s vitality and ability to function at optimum capacity.
  • Restore the movement of all of the moving parts of the body allowing them to work as designed.

The basic underlying principle of Myopractics is life is motion.  When in a healthy state, every part of the body has a particular innate movement. This motion is expressed in all cells, tissues, organs and structures of the body. Whether it is the larger movement of the rib cage, which contracts and expands with every breath or the smaller movement of blood circulating through an artery in the brain, movement is basic to sustaining life.  When this natural movement is hampered in any way, an imbalance occurs. We call this lack of motion a restriction.

An important premise of Myopractics is the pelvis is the foundation of the body. It is the largest bone structure and is designed to carry the weight of the body. If there is an imbalance in the pelvis, the body may shift the burden and tension of weight bearing to another area. This causes further restrictions as the body attempts to regain normal posture.
Fees for Myopractic services with Rhonda Marinakis are: $115.00 initial visit $65.00 for subsequent visits. 
From the viewpoint of Myopractics, restrictions cause areas to be affected with a decrease in proper function or an increase in stressful actions while the body attempts to re-establish balance.  By restoring motion versus putting something "back in place”, myopractics seeks to remove restrictions, allowing the body to correct itself and regain balance.  Thus, the individual regains freedom of movement, maximum functioning and consequent freedom from pain, tension and stress.